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About Anthem Apothecary

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About Anthem Apothecary? Well. our products are tested well by a third party laboratory. We tests our products for potency, contaminants, and quality so that we can provide you with the best CBD products on the market. Far too often in this industry companies get away with selling tainted CBD products, our company wants to make a difference by providing quality CBD products to people who can benefit from CBD.

The Story of Anthem Apothecary

As told by owner, Mike Bravo

A few years back some of my anxiety and stress began to manifest as anger and frustration in a particularly stressful work environment.

Having served 3 combat tours as an Infantryman in Iraq I thought I had developed the coping tools necessary to properly handle what I perceived to be normal everyday stressors stemming from corporate America.  According to my wife and children I was mistaken.  I became withdrawn, quick to anger and unnecessarily picking fights with people I cared about the most.  

Having witnessed the negative impact of alcohol and drug abuse on some of my fellow servicemembers I decided to research healthy and natural alternatives to deal with stress and anxiety.  A friend suggested I should investigate CBD oil.

After months of exhaustive research, I learned that there were a few options.  I ended up purchasing a sublingual spray that was THC free.  Within the first hour of trying the product I was experiencing the effects of the oil.

I noticed that I was able to focus with immense clarity, my stress and anxiety levels plummeted, my mood drastically increased, tasks at work seemed easier and I started sleeping better!  My wife and kids could tell the difference also.  My wife said I was finally tolerable to live with again and that I was actually playing around with the kids, rolling on the floor and wrestling and joking with them again.  

As I became more familiar with the health benefits of CBD I started looking to find higher quality oils.  So many choices, what should I choose?  Full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD or Isolate CBD?  

For me, the two best options were full spectrum CBD oil and broad spectrum CBD oil.  The way I explain the difference to my friends is like this; if you eat an orange you get a ton of vitamins and minerals and a great dose of Vitamin C.  If you drink Orange Juice you get a bunch of vitamins and minerals, less so than eating the orange, but even still a great dose of Vitamin C.  If you take a vitamin you still get a great dose of Vitamin C but miss out on all the other healthy benefits of the fruit.

We started Anthem Apothecary with one purpose, find and deliver the best quality CBD products on the market.  Our oils are made in America from plants grown right here in the USA!  Each of the products you see in our virtual store have been tested by a wide network of people from coast to coast.  We have been so happy with the responses as they have unequivocally stated that we have the best CBD products available on the market!

You will not find any cheap products here!  We are not in that gas station CBD business or big box store that sources cheap oil or small dosage tincture bottles.  What we deliver is quality, high dosage CBD that we and others have found to work.  I routinely use only a fraction of a full dosage, so my bottles or edibles tend to last longer than with the products I was buying prior to starting Anthem Apothecary.

So welcome to Anthem Apothecary!  We hope you enjoy the (what we hope is life enhancing) journey.


-Mike Bravo

—–If you are a veteran please read on below—–


If you are a Veteran, like me, and have landed on our page in search for something that might help you with your anxiety and stress, just like I was, you are in good company.  While I can only share my personal experience, each person is different as are the reactions to the events that may cause us PTSD or trigger an anxiety attack.  Many of those I served with have tried our oils and have become life-long CBD consumers citing better sleep, being more present with their families and the ability to concentrate without all the “background noise” distracting their focus throughout the day.  

I hope we have something that can help, and you will always have a Veteran’s discount at my store.  But if you think there might be a reason to seek professional assistance please do so.  I have included a Veteran’s Resource tab right on our landing page.  If you feel so inclined please check it out, there are some great organizations out there helping Veterans in need.

As our company grows it is my personal mission to donate a portion of our proceeds to help prevent Veteran suicide.  I have conversations nearly every week with fellow veterans, some active duty, who struggle either with suicidal thoughts or are dealing with the pain of losing a fellow servicemember.

If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, or thinking about hurting others, please do not be afraid to reach out to some of the organizations on our resource page.  We need our Veterans to be healthy and vibrant reminders of the best and brightest America has to offer!  The Veteran community needs you; your friends and family need you, and the country you served needs you. 


-Mike Bravo

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